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Ben 10 Hentai.

2009-06-09 10:02:03 by rule34

Thank you for someone finally requesting something so I could make a new blog. People need to request more often, mmkay? Also, request things that are a bit more challenging so it's fun for me, kay?


Ben 10 Hentai.


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2009-06-09 10:13:21

nice and thanks. even though i am a lez i still like.

rule34 responds:

Then shouldn't you be bi to some extent if you can enjoy straight porn? Er, if you like it in that sense and not the "lol it's Ben 10" way.


2009-06-09 10:41:04

somtimes i am bi but mainly lez.

rule34 responds:

Um, I don't think there's such a thing as "sometimes bi". Orientations can swing back and forth on occasion, but that's a pretty rare thing. You're probably just very minutely bi, much more so towards girls.


2009-06-09 17:41:24

make sense. but then why is it when i look at a guy i throw up. but yet once in a bluemoon. like once or twice a month i like to watch straight sex. and i am 27. and have not been with i guy sexually in like 10 years.

rule34 responds:

I sincerely doubt you literally throw up upon looking at a guy... if you do you might wanna get that checked out.

I'm a virgin, 17 years of not being with a guy or a girl sexually. Yet I'm not asexual. The number of years you've been with a gender, or without one, does NOT have any relevance to orientation.

Once or twice a month isn't actually that rare, some people are bi only sofar as once or twice a year. But bi, straight, lesbian, asexual, pansexual, and polysexual- they're labels. You're whatever you are. And orientations are more diverse than even those labels would make one think.


2009-06-10 15:40:16

i was just testing you. i only look at what you put up for its artistic ability. you right i do not look at straight porn. i work with men. i triwed to have sex with a guy and i did trow up. i do not understand why any woman would date a man.

rule34 responds:

Well, you aren't straight, or bi, I don't expect you to understand. In any case, throwing up from having sex? Even with 0 sexual attraction that's a bit much, ahh well.


2009-06-11 13:34:16

i have had sex with 3 guys. it did not feel right. it felt dirty, rotten and disgusting. i would like to know. if you think you know more about womanhood than somebody more mature than you. i am wondering if you tell your mother what is what. and i would like to know what her reaction is. because i am getting the impression that you are actually a man, an alt, or just a girl that thinks she knows it all. well you do not know it all so do not try telling me what is what if you are a little miss. because i will keep trying to prove to you that you do not know everything and that i do know more than you. so do npot try me. you are a virgin so what do you know about sex with a guy or a woman?

rule34 responds:

Lol. I know more about being straight than you, I know less about being straight than someone straight, I know more about being bi than you, I know less about being bi than someone bi. I know more about being pansexual than you.

Virginity is something that has no bearing on sexual attraction and orientation, though it does affect sex. But since we're talking about orientation that isn't a deciding factor of who's right at all.

I am an alt. I am a female. I do not know it all. But unlike you, it seems I'm willing to admit that. I've never made any attempt to hide being an alt either, merely what my main account is. However I take this account just as seriously as I take my main account and do not troll on either.

And I can't be bothered to take the remaining part of the comment seriously, Mr(s). Troll. And if the rest was serious, grow up.


2009-06-11 19:11:46

your right i do not know everything. and i take my sexuality very seriuosly. as far as me growing up will i am more of an adult than someone that has a hissy when someone older than them tells them a thing or 2.

rule34 responds:

Lol. Idiot.


2009-08-25 23:39:30

Why does everyone always draw Ben with shoes on?
Show feet dammit!